Friday, October 2, 2009


NASA's MESSENGER spacecraft has made a stunning discovery.
Bigfoot is an extraterrestrial!
His tracks have been found on Mercury
MESSENGER took the picture during a flyby of Mercury on Sept. 29th. The giant paw print was just one of many wonders
MESSENGER's cameras saw imprinted on thousands of square kilometers of previously unseen terrain.
In this case, a cluster of small craters--"toes"--were by chance arranged in an arc above a stack of larger, partially overlapping craters--the "heel." MESSENGER also photographed a happy crater, a double crater, and a crater splash.
Although early results from the flyby are dominated by pictures of craters, the spacecraft also made new measurements of Mercury's
magnetic tornadoes and its comet-like tail.
Mission scientists are still analyzing those data, which are more complicated than crater-snapshots and potentially much more interesting. Stay tuned for updates.

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