Saturday, January 12, 2013

Mexico to Canada Express

Mexico to Canada Express Traveling across the U.S. in less than a minute, this video from Jan. 30 starts in northwestern Mexico. From there, it passes over San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas/Fort Worth before plunging through the Great Plains states. The outline of Michigan is easily spotted as the ISS flies over Chicago and continues to the east coast of Canada.

Southwest Canada and Auroras

Southwest Canada and Auroras The greenish haze of the Northern Lights lingers over shining cities in Canada in this video from Jan. 25. Passing near the border of British Columbia and Washington state, the sequence travels across Vancouver Island and reaches southern Alberta, near Calgary.

U.S. East Coast

This video from Jan. 29 features glowing nighttime lights along the Atlantic Coast of North America. Starting near the Gulf of Mexico, the ISS passes over recognizable cities such as New Orleans, Jacksonville, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and New York City. With the aurora borealis shining in the background, it ends with a view of Newfoundland and northern Canada.